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    17" Quarry Master Floor Machine™

    $1,895.00 $2,095.00

    Quarry Master™ is designed for the restoration and maintenance of marble, terrazzo, tile, stone and concrete. This versatile floor machine can also be used for standard floor scrubbing, stripping and polishing applications.

    Quarry Master™ comes complete with tank and driver pad. Weights may be purchased separately.

    Link to accessories:


    Drive Pad

    Tech Plate

    Polypropylene Scrub Brush

    Grit Scrub Brush

    Heavy Grit Scrub Brush

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  • Floors
  • Safe to use on these surfaces:
    • All Floors
    • Ceramic / Porcelain Tile
    • Coral Stone
    • Cuban Tile
    • Dull
    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Marble
    • Quarry Tile
    • Saturnia
    • Shell Stone
    • Slate
    • Terrazzo
    • Tools and Accessories
    • Travertine
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