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    MK Hole Repair Kit™ (White) to Hong Kong


    Includes USPS international package service to HONG KONG ONLY.

    IMPORTANT: This Kit comes with White Filler. Select a Tint for your application.

    Suggested filler/tint combinations:

    Select White Filler/Black Tint for white-gray marble.

    Select Buff Filler/Brown Tint for earthtone natural stone.

    Select Transparent Filler for black, green, orange and other exotic colored marbles and all granite.

    Easy to use kit to repair small holes, cracks and chips in natural stone

    • Bonds quickly
    • Blends easily with stone color
    • Accommodates multiple repairs
    • Works indoors and outdoors

    MK Hole Repair Kit is a unique array of items compiled to repair natural stone that fills stress cracks and small voids in natural stone floors, countertops and walls. MK Hole Repair Kit comes with either white, buff or transparent knife grade filler and tint (brown, buff, green, Jerusalem, red and black). The specific directions provided and kit contents makes it quick and simple for numerous minor repairs. PLEASE NOTE: Material shelf life is approximately one year from date of first use.

    CONTENTS: Filler; hardener; coloring tint (extremely concentrated); long stirring sticks; short stirring sticks (for adding hardener to filler); flat toothpicks (for adding coloring tint to filler); 3 ounce mixing cups; straight edge razors (for smoothing filler over holes or cracks); steel wool (for buffing area after hardened); rubber gloves, can opener.



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  • Safe to use on these surfaces:
    • All Floors
    • Bathroom Counter / Wall
    • Ceramic / Porcelain Tile
    • Chipped / Cracked
    • Coral Stone
    • Kitchen Backsplash
    • Kitchen Counter / Wall
    • Marble
    • Onyx
    • Outdoor Counter / Wall
    • Protect and Enhance
    • Sand Stone
    • Saturnia
    • Shell Stone
    • Shower
    • Shower Wall
    • Slate
    • Terrazzo
    • Travertine
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